Claudia Capurro lives in a serene and colorful world, outside the incessant whirlwind of the present life. In it they breathe serenity and innocence, although there is not a lack of another vehicle passing from time to time through the quiet streets. The buildings are simple, dominated by a church as welcoming as the houses, simple, colors as simple as those of other buildings.
Although lively and cheerful, they are not loud but happy. The inhabitants are not less friendly, or of town, like the one that they inhabit. Claudia's entire universe is carried to the canvas with a warm innocence that only a sincere artist can handle successfully, with a skill that only those who feel really manage to achieve.

by "Alfredo Cernadas"


SEPT 15 | OCT 09 Mercedes Pinto Arte Contemporáneo Arroyo 889, Local 19, Paseo Arroyo more info

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